12th Laser Show Festival

The company Techart, celebrating this year its 25th anniversary, held 12th International Festival laser show

Festival of Science and Lasers Otrokiv 2016


Thursday, 25 August:

20:00 Lectures:
- 15 min about inflation of the universe - Dmitry Veselov
- 15 min about 15 twins - Eugene Kyosya
- 15 min about Ukrainian artists in exile - Irina Ivanischeva
- 15 хвилин про емоції - Вася Микитюк
- 1 hour about Medical Physics - Art Stavenko
23:00 Music jam and Laser show

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50 W Projector

The festival "Otrokiv" 26-27 August 2016 will be presented a new, super-power, 50W laser projector Techart.
It consists of 16 blue 445 nm 20 W , 16 green "NICHIA" 520 nm12 W and red laser diodes 96 "Sharp" - 639 nm 18W.
Aperture beam 8x10 mm.
Scanners Cambridge Technology CT6220. driver CT671. Scanning Speed 30 Kpoint.
Working angle 60 °
Weight 36kg. Power consumption 1200W - 220V
Dimensions: width 245mm, height 315mm, length 590mm
This device opens up new horizons and scales laser show industry to a new level. This laser graphics in daylight and very large screens, folds and relief projection on low clouds.

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Pricelist in USD

The updated price list sales of equipment from 19.05.16 the prices are given in US dollars (USD)



TECHART company is ILDA member