New! Compact optical plate

The system is mounted on any standard projector TechArt™ and designed to create static and dynamic lighting effects on the screen, with the flexibility to control effect parameters.

The device consists of a 5-way optical distributor (positioner) and eight compact interchangeable shape-making nozzles  with electromechanical actuators.
The laser beam from the projector reaches the distributor, which transmits it to one of replaceable nozzles. This allows to create fantastic and unique abstract images.

The device is controlled by DMX signal, which allows remote management and control of multiple devices on a single line. One of DMX channels adjusts the position of the distributor, another 3 channels - motors's speed.

Dimensions: 250h180h100 mm.

Weight 2.9 kg


Компактная оптическая плитаКомпактная оптическая плитаКомпактная оптическая плитаКомпактная оптическая плита



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