Show systems

Компанія ТехАртHere is a list of the sections of the components of the laser show systems and functionally complete units and blocks. They are used for acquisition of Shaw systems supplied turnkey and can also be purchased separately.


  1. RGB-projectors
  2. Projectors green
  3. Scanning system
  4. System color management
  5. The fibers
  6. Program and interface Board


  • solid state RGB projector, or the projector is green, which already contains a color management system and the scanning system or an RGB projector based on gas laser with water cooling (in this case, the additionally required system scanning, color management system and water cooling system). When you use green laser is additionally required system scan;
  • the software and the corresponding interface Board (controller);
  • the computer (the modern personal computer, typically purchased by the customer in accordance with our recommendations);
  • additional equipment (signal cables and power cables; shield; smoke machine or fog generator; wind generator; optics, tripods)