Audiovisual laser relaxing therapy

Modern life is full of stress. The increasing pace of our lives causes many people emotional overload, leading to irritation, anger and chronic fatigue syndrome. Conflicts and disagreements with family, friends and colleagues can also provoke negative emotions. To completely get rid of stress is impossible, but to neutralize the negative effects - emotional overload and possible damage to health. Physiological and psychological features of human perception of different colors and their combinations make it possible to use laser and multimedia systems for audio-visual relaxation.

Skill, taste, knowledge of psychology and symbolism of color the makers of audiovisual software for laser systems of relaxation guarantee a perfect result.


Convincing explanations of the psychological impact of color is still not there. Although color is one of the most important components of influence in the arts - painting, cinema, etc. But not enough, the first attempt to have a compilation of visible colors and to reveal the peculiarities of psychological perception of color was made not by artists, and physicist Isaac Newton (his book "Optics" was published in 1704) and the poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe (his work for the color "Nachtrage zur Farbenlehre" was published in 1810).