Saturday, May 28, 2022


15W full color laser system BEAM „new professional outdoor air cooled white light laser system“ consist of 8W green 532nm laser, 4W blue laser 445nm and 3W/640nm red diode, input power 230V/3A {on request 110V},analog {RGB} modulation, color scale 16,8 mil., completed in aluminium housing , power consumption 1500VA,, beam divergence 1,5mrad, beam diameter 5mm X,Y scanning system 6815 scanners with speed up to 30k


  • Color: RGB
  • Power: 15W
  • Size: 270х170х300 mm
  • Weight: 16 kg

Show system components

  • RGB-projectors
  • Projectors green 
  • Scanning system
  • System color management
  • Fibers 
  • Software