Laser show on Independence Day

Firm "Tekhart" during the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine August 24, 2010 will organize on an unprecedented scale laser show over the city of the Lion. The main idea of this laser show Association and synchronization of festive events in all venues of Lviv in one single action, create a sense mastabest and grandeur holidays.

At the beginning of the 21 hours near the Opera house begins the international festival of laser show, which will showcase the works of the best artists of this genre. Viewers will be able to see the laser animation and spatial beam show (beam show) representatives of Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, and Germany.

5 minutes before the fireworks, that is, at 21.55, simultaneously with a stream of the song "You're mine, Ukraine" in Lviv radio network and FM radio will be laser devices installed on the street Stryj, the town Hall and the High Castle, the tower, the Church of St. George - in the most prominent in the historical, cultural and spiritual significance of places of the city.

Just in this Grand light show will involve 26 29 laser and light devices, 19 of which will be installed in the High Castle. Five powerful lights near the Opera house and on the street. Stryiska will create the Roman numerals XIX, symbolizing the 19-th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence.

We suggest to watch the laser show from tall buildings such as the hotel "Dniester", "Citadel" N, from the highest points of the Park of Culture. .Khmelnytskyi and other places from which a panoramic view of our city.

If during the laser action above the town will be low in the afternoon, the audience near the Opera house and Stryiska street, you are lucky to see not only the movement of the laser beams, but laser graphics created with the help of laser beams, image and animation.

At the end of the song "You're mine, Ukraine" laser show treatmet within the hour, that is approximately till 23.00. 

Khan's tent

On 7 July, the Firm "Techart" staged a laser show during the opening of the Khan's pavilion, a great entertainment center in the Kazakh capital Astana. The opening of the Khan's Tent was timed to two dates to the 13 th anniversary of the city and the 70 anniversary of the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev, the decision by the capital of Kazakhstan was moved from Almaty in the ancient oasis of Sary-ARKA. In the Tent on multiple levels, numerous shops, restaurants, cinemas, a sports complex and a wave pool, a river and a waterfall. Inside the Tent will be kept at a constant climate.

In the laser show at the opening of the Khan's Tent had been involved three laser systems, and the 150-meter high Tent has become a screen for laser graphics.

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For several years the firm "Techart" holds a laser show at the festival "Republic Z" (Kazantip). This year the festival involves 8 lasers on stage and 8 on site. At a meeting held on 7 August, the opening of the festival were 16 laser devices.

Small-sized devices

We present to Your attention a small compact projector is designed for indoor and outdoor advertising. The device works with all types of laser graphics in addition to beam-show 

RGB, 0.5 Watt, 4.5 kg, 220x220x150 mm



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