Festival Otrokiv 2008


From 14 to 17 August 2008 in the village Youths Novoushitsky district of Khmelnitsky region held etnoturistic festival "the Children-2008".

The idea of the festival belongs to the Ukrainian swetlogorsk - Igor Skalsky, which is putting a lot of effort and money to unite the Ukrainian elite around the idea of revival of Ukrainian spirituality, the restoration of abandoned castles and palaces and converting them into cultural and tourist centers.

The organizers were:

Ivano-Frankivsk regional club of the intelligentsia to them. Bohdan Lepky,

Lviv and Vinnitsa regional society of protection of monuments of history and culture, "Tekhart" enterprise"Festival of Servants".

With the assistance of Novoushitsky district administration and district Council, support from Otroski village Council and a large number of rural asset was carried out significant preparatory work. The venue of the Festival the Young men became yesterday to the edge of the abandoned former summer residence of count Scibor-Marchocki in sec. The children that were in myn'kivtsi state. A month ago, she served as a...pigsty. Pre-festival cleanup rallied the community, turn people to the cause of revival of the glory of his native village. The festival organizers have taken care to guests and participants could see the Servants, and its beautiful surroundings, the remains of architectural monuments, for example the Old Grotto was in the ancient rocky monastery.

The aim of the Festival, according to organizers successfully achieved, was to attract attention of Ukrainians to their own history and culture, the revival of the fame of the region, and in particular, undeservedly forgotten myn'kivtsi state (more than thirty years at the turn of XVIII - XIX century, she showed Europe the principles of real democracy, progress and freedom) and the memory of its founder - count Ignatius Scibor-Marchocki, reformer, who for more than 60 years before the abolition of serfdom and gave freedom to the peasants. The festival has led to the development of green tourism in the region and the beginning of the green houses. During the festival, "the Children-2008" the estate first opened its doors to tourists.

The three-day festival program was filled with activities, continued tour of the territory of myn'kivtsi state. The presentation of the books published by the Club of the Ukrainian intelligentsia to them. Bohdan Lepky (Sergey Gandzyuk. "Youths. For a better life" and the Ukrainian translation of the novel by 19th-century historian Anthony Jozef Rolle "Count Redux"). In a Large Mill on the river ushytsia that the village Prytulivka presented a photo exhibition of the temples and palaces of Western Ukraine called "the Memory of the cradle and Destiny", in which the authors draw attention to the neglected monuments that require attention of the state and society.

The main concert stage was installed on the so-called Forum, where when the count Marchocki gathered citizens . The role holder myn'kivtsi state complied with Igor Skalsky, clothed in a red toga and a wreath of ears of corn, and took bread and salt from Podolyan.

Here, on the Forum, craftsmen conducted master classes and participated in the fair for the currency myn'kivtsi state "min'ky".

Three day musical program was zapolnenie performances by folk groups and soloists Novoushitsky district, authors, songwriters, performances of Ukrainian groups, is still quite young and already well known:

Valeriy Marenych (Lutsk), Polycarp (Kiev), Good People (Lviv), Ihor White (Khmelnitsky), Mr Ranger (Khmelnitsky), bad Habit (Kamenetz-Podolsk), koralli (Ivano-Frankivsk), Alexander Kusch (Khmelnitsky), The Len(s) (Kiev), the shadow of the sun (Kyiv), Taruta (Donetsk), lost Letter (Kamenetz-Podolsk), Hapochka (Kiev), Victor Tsymbalyuk (Khmelnitsky), Expansion (Kamenetz-Podolsk) , The Theory Of Violence (Khmelnitsky) , Jungle Cat (Ipswich), Jason (Vinnitsa), Punk Shava (Lviv), InVein (Khmelnitsky)

For the first time in Ukraine was applied on the open air stage multi-channel surround system (the "Baster" ,Ternopil).

Also for the first time in Ukraine held a festival of lasers and feierwerk . His art has presented master laser show and pyrotechnics "Studio Stalker" (Zhitomir), "Eastlight" (Germany), "Mediam" Poland, "LSS" (Moscow), "Tekhart" (Lviv), "LaserMaster" (St.-Petersburg), Kvant (Bratislava).

Festival "the Children-2008" ended, but preparations for the next "Child-2009". In addition, the planned winter and spring of action in the Child. Youths should become the center around which to unite Ukrainian creative elite, where he will unite the efforts of the creative personality, historians, local historians, artists and craftsmen. Youths in the future will also turn into a recreational and tourist center. The organizing Committee accepts proposals for follow-up and consider every creative idea.



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