About TechArt™

Компанія ТехАртFirm TechArt™ specializiruetsya on the production of laser stage equipment and conduct laser shows and is a member of the international Association International Laser Display Association (ILDA).

Currently TechArt™ is the only firm in Western Ukraine, which produces the stage equipment of this type. Laser equipment TechArt™ for clubs, discos, concert activities are already installed in dozens of places in Ukraine and abroad.

Having started its activity in 1991. as a small firm, specializes in laser shows, at the moment TechArt™ has a set of hardware, software and personnel, organizing a laser show on the level of leading world companies specialized in this direction.

At the moment TechArt™ successfully develops another area in which the use of lasers gives a tangible effect and is becoming more real with the advent of relatively inexpensive high-power semiconductor lasers the use of lasers in promotional activities.


1991. - It has hundreds of performances on the grounds and in the halls of Ukraine, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Russia. For each statement, we are special, trying to realize to the maximum extent the wishes of the customer. We offer a full range of technical equipment, services and personnel needed for the show.

Powerful lasers at our disposal, allow us to create images at a high altitude (in the presence of very low cloud) or on large open areas (green theaters, large urban area) with a special flue installations.

Available in our Hiking kit equipment allows for impressive show on the level of the leading laser companies in the world.