Multimedia show

Компанія ТехАрт

The multimedia show is a symbiosis of a laser show, music, and videos SWF. "Sound and Light" ("Son et Lumiere", FR.) - A kind of "theatre without actors" which implements together with the synthetic, "msterials" hope of the composer A. N. Scriabin, who dreamed of a new Gesamtkunstwerk - the unity of stage action, speech, music, light, architecture, which are included in the natural environment.

The performances "Sound and Light", to be more precise, the modern view of spectacular art, stereo radio theater, combined with light architecture.


At night on the natural site historic monument through electroacoustic means reproduces events from years ago, thus carrying out a kind of radio broadcast from the past, creating the illusion of time travel, the illusion of "collective seance" simply heaven. Instead of the traditional actors of stage action is played out between moving their votes in stereophony atmosphere of real noise. The vote is separated from the actor and personifizierte; noise decrements from the object and acts as its "authorized representative". And, sounds like it's out from the stones that had heard and absorbed them into itself. A dynamic light, otue natural scenery (buildings, trees, and so on), constantly controls the viewer's attention, climactic moments together with music to help compress that into a minute century...

If you think cinematic, the sound in this new art is mounted with an "empty space", or rather, the place where he stood (to stand) sounding the subject, repeating so in your stereo of the trajectory of the subject. And this creates a strange feeling when a part of the performance seems to be present in the theater "stealth".

Each of the new skills is the primary psychological basis for the realization of a miracle: the photography and cinematography capture a moment, meeting at, A. Bazin, "the mummy complex"; that radio and television carry event in space; Lumiere implements the miracle of sound that lit up, satisfying "complex Vasilisa the Beautiful". In the performances "Sound and Light" is operated by the miracle of recovery, unlocking sounds, and return them to us from oblivion (let's call it a "complex Munchausen"), which is now really with the help of white magic of electronics.

"Sound and Light" have their own place in the system of arts based on artistic reproduction of fact. Documentary film (and photography) "carry" events in time and space. With all the advantages of cinema it is associated with the loss of the magic of the presence. TV replays the event that is happening, "transferring" it into space. The performances "Sound and Light" "carry" events in time.


The world's first performance of "Sound and Light" was held in France (1952, Chambord, dir. - P. Roberdan), and then in the country, it seems, there is not one worthy of the attention of the castle, where a set of serial sound and lighting equipment. With the assistance of French experts, these stationary performances were organized in Belgium (1955). In England "Sound and Light" began the occupation of architectural monuments since 1957, in America since 1962; in India - 1965 In 1960 premiere of "Sound and Light" in Austria, in 1967 - in Finland, in 1975 in Poland. In the former USSR the first light and sound performances were held in Kazan (1979), Samarkand (1975), Novorossiysk (1979).

Stages for zvukovoy performances can serve as castles (Chambord and Versailles in France, the Parthenon in Greece, the tower of London, the Colosseum in Rome, the Registan in Samarkand, etc.); memorials and monuments (the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico, sculpted the alley of poets in Bucharest, a monument to the fallen in Kazan); landscape zones (forest called Domremy - the beginning of the campaign of Jeanne D'arc, the coast of the Normandy landing in 1944); industrial buildings (the administrative complex of the company "General electric", USA); institutions of government (Parliament in Ottawa, the Capitol in Washington, Red Fort in Delhi, town hall in Poznan); famous ships on eternal Parking ("Victoria" in England, "North Carolina" in the US); the whole city (the ancient capital of Iran Persepolis, Prague in the project of chehoslovatskih scenographer Institute); interiors of large halls (theatre "Ford" in Washington, the scene of Lincoln's assassination, and so on).

In the scenario lies and real events and legends associated with the place; the text can be prose, documentary and poetic. Analysis of the socio-aesthetic functions of the performances "Sound and Light" shows that, in addition to their artistic value as new and effective forms of spectacle, they are emotionally-active means of propaganda (usually premieres of these plays are made as an act of national importance); a vivid and exciting school stories (for adults and for children, and in France a visit to these performances is included in the school curriculum); an excellent opportunity for preservation of historical monuments (through income from performances are restoration work and necessary research); the active form of tourism development, including international (here, incidentally, lies the source of profitability performances "Sound and Light", pay for itself usually within one year of nightly demonstrations).

It is known to use techniques of "Sound and Light" in a utilitarian, functional purpose: play "strange phenomena" by the Church (Lourdes, France); aesthetic quality and the theatricality of political and military ceremonies; "revival" of large-scale installations in museums equipment under the open sky; their combination with the conventional system "avtogid" in the exposition; the establishment of a working sound design in the systems of vocational guidance and industrial training, and so on.


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