The use of lasers

Компанія ТехАрт 

Tekhart™ for many years engaged in conducting a laser show. For each statement, we are special, trying to realize to the maximum extent the wishes of the customer. We offer a full range of technical equipment, services and personnel needed for the show.

We can offer the customer some options use lasers?

Part laser show arranged by You presentations


You invite team Tekhart™, providing pre-logos, slogans and other materials for digitization and preparation of the show. Our experts agreed with the organizers of the presentation order of events and technical properties of laser technology and computer complex (if you are using very powerful lasers, may be required to ensure their water Holocene and providing three-phase network). Tekhart™ provides a full range of activities required for delivery and placement of equipment and operators to conduct the show.

There are various options for the inclusion of a laser show in the overall concept of the presentation, but most often used are:

  • log_projection.jpgthe inclusion of laser animation in the climactic moments of the presentation in the dim light counting on the surprise effect;


  • demonstration of visual range in the background under normal illumination. This option is more suitable for exhibition activities, when design is conducted on exotic located screens, for example, sail on the exhibition stand, visible from afar in the hall;


  • demonstration of visual range while outdoors in the dark. Possible projection on special screens installed so that the viewer the impression as if the image is created directly in the air or on the structure of the surrounding buildings - walls, roofs, lawns, etc., the variant of creation of volume images using a special flue installations.

Dynamic wall-mounted large format advertising.


trade_fair.jpgIf you decide to order a large shield for an evening of illuminated advertising your company, think of these boards has long been become commonplace and need to show a lot of imagination to get people to pay attention to your shield.
What if as a shield to use the image created by the laser system on the wall of your office. It can be your logo, slogan, and other graphic components of your advertising activities, dynamic text, specially prepared animation.
In this embodiment, the specialists Tekhart™ kit prepare the technical and graphical part of the show, set the laser system on site and train your staff in handling complex, and the preparation technology of the new graphics show. Graphics can be ordered in Tekhart™.


Dynamic is small format.


clock_adv.jpgIf you want to emphasize the respectability of your store or office, you can install it in the laser system of small capacity, which will project the image onto the wall or special screens, written in the decorative style of your room. To attract attention will also decide when the system is installed at the top of the window display, will be projecting an image that moves on the pavement in front of the store. You will be given the opportunity to purchase technical kit aperature or take it in the long term. Experts Tekhart™ will prepare the graphic part of the show and will update it if the need arises.

 Preparing graphics for the show.