Beam Show

What is the "laser show"?


In its pure manifestation - a spectacle ("show"), in which the main element of impact on the viewer are bright and unusual animation created by scanning the laser beam on a flat surface (called the work on screen) or smoky air in the form of moving three-dimensional shapes, rays and planes (on the volume).

As a rule, created visuals combined with composite audio in a single unit.

Where it is possible to use elements laser show?



First, a laser show can be an independent room, which is included in the program of cultural events, festivals, concerts, etc.

Tekhart™ has a large collection of shows prepared accompanied by high quality backing tracks, and are designed for different audiences. At your request our specialists can prepare a show for your conditions.


Second, the laser show can be used as a spectacular support for your programs, concerts, hotel rooms, organically woven into the overall structure of your presentation in sync with time series, implemented by the Director of your presentation, including when working "live". The appearance of a bright, dynamic and highly attractive images created by the laser system, substantially modifies the three-dimensional perception of the scene, allowing the Director and performer to create an additional significant channel of influence on the perception of your presentation by the audience.


beam_17.jpgConfirmation of the effectiveness of Techart™ in this direction is the constant part of the team Techart™ in the programs of such festivals as "pearls of the season", "the Golden key", accompanied by concert performances of Philip Kirkorov and many other promotions.

Thirdly, laser shows are widely used in discos, in night clubs, where the laser composition help to create a special holiday atmosphere and allow you to Express yourself leading, which include a laser show in their composition and can control them directly during the presentation.

Techart™ has already installed dozens of systems in the leading clubs of Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine.



Fourth, the laser show can be a major support to your advertising campaigns, presentations, in conducting motivational meetings etc. This can be expressed in the form of a projection of the logo, the three-dimensional contour image of the product, text slogan or a special trained professionals Techart™ animation with the elements of the graphical attributes of the customer on the grid screens or the plane of the room (walls, ceiling, floor).

None of the existing technical means of advertising, besides high-power laser systems, can create dynamic images with high brightness and definition on large surfaces such as the walls of multi-storey buildings or on the pitch.


Would be appropriate to notice also that the originality of the laser in this case may consist in the element of surprise, as a striking image can be reproduced on any surface of the hall at the moment when the audience does not suspect about it.

Fifth, if you want to organize a celebration, extraordinary issue anniversary, to celebrate city day, you can benefit from the experience of Tekhart™ to conduct laser shows in large open areas (outdoor).

Powerful lasers available to the Techart™, allow you to create images at a high altitude (in the presence of very low cloud) or on large open areas (green theaters, large urban area) with a special flue installations.