Show systems

Компанія ТехАртHere is a list of the sections of the components of the laser show systems and functionally complete units and blocks. They are used for acquisition of Shaw systems supplied turnkey and can also be purchased separately.

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Multimedia show

Компанія ТехАрт

The multimedia show is a symbiosis of a laser show, music, and videos SWF. "Sound and Light" ("Son et Lumiere", FR.) - A kind of "theatre without actors" which implements together with the synthetic, "msterials" hope of the composer A. N. Scriabin, who dreamed of a new Gesamtkunstwerk - the unity of stage action, speech, music, light, architecture, which are included in the natural environment.

The performances "Sound and Light", to be more precise, the modern view of spectacular art, stereo radio theater, combined with light architecture.

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Rent of Laser Systems

Компанія ТехАртHere you can find equipment that TEKHART ™ uses for the laser show. You can also download the price list of rolling equipment.The document indicates the cost of using this equipment in the show, which will be included in the calculation of all the costs of the show. Is the cost of using the equipment in a single statement.

When simultaneous operation of multiple lasers on the same site, and when performances on the same site for every day discounts. For clarification please contact us.

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3D video mapping

3D Video mapping –this modern technology watch 3D movies on any surface, most often at the architecture building. Such a projection is created with one or several points through one or several projectors, a specially prepared three-dimensional content and computer programs. These settings allow you to create spectacular presentations, completely changing the appearance of the houses and leaves the viewer with an unforgettable experience. The video image can cover the entire area of the facade of any complexity, taking into account its architectural features and including them in dearagon. The cost of this solution depends on the size, the duration of the installation and quantity of the visual effects.

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