Mini Midi Maxi

Techart presents three new series of modern laser projectors:

- MINI - output power 2-5W
- MIDI - output power 5-10W
- MAXI - output power 10-15W

Compared to their predecessors, these new series of devices offer the following advantages:

- High speed ​​scanning system based on Cambridge Technology 6210H
- Full laser diode system
- Even more compact in size and lighter weight, which greatly simplifies transportation and mounting
- Efficient cooling system resistant to humidity

Depending on power capacity, new laser projectors can be used for graphics and/or for
beam show.


L270mm x W170mm (250mm with lyre) x H155mm Weight 7 kg
R 1W (630 nm), G 1W (520 nm), B 1W (440 nm)
Scan rate 45 (7 °) / 30 (50%), aperture 4x4mm

L330mm x W170mm (250mm with lyre) x H155mm Weight 9.5 kg
R 2W (630 nm), G 4W (520 nm), B 4W (440 nm)
Scan rate 45 (7 °) / 30 (50%), aperture 4x4mm

L260mm x W290mm (370mm with lyre) x H155mm Weight 17 kg
R 3W (630 nm), G 6W (520 nm), B 6W (440 nm)
Scan rate 42 (7 °) / 28 (50%), aperture 4x6mm


New! Compact optical plate

Compact Optical plate

The system is mounted on any standard projector TechArt™ and designed to create static and dynamic lighting effects on the screen, with the flexibility to control effect parameters.

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New! Fully diode 2W RGB laser projector

 RGB2 197

Is made using the new generation of green emitter, which reduces the dimensions of the device and its consumption power. It offers best linearity modulation, all three sources of radiation have the same speed and the same curvature characteristics .
Wavelength of 520 nm green emitter (the beam has a tinge of aquamarine), which improves the white balance.

Specifications of the unit:
L 280mm x w175mm (255mm lyre) x h140mm, weight 9.5 kg, UNIVERSAL, R0, 5W (630 nm), G0, 4W (520 nm), B1, 1W (440nm)

VIII-th international festival of laser show took place!


January 1, on the Independence Maidan in Kiev, more than 120 thousand spectators had the opportunity to see the laser show from such well-known companies  KVANT(Slovakia), MEDIAM(Poland), EASTLIGHT(Germany), LASERMASTER(Russia),ORIGINAL LIGHT(Ukraine), LSS(Russia), LASER VARIO RAKURS(Russia), DREAMLASER(Russia), STUDIO LASER(Ukraine), TECHART(Ukraine)

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